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August 2, 2022 The Fight for Pharma Accountability and Psychiatric Rights: Jim Gottstein, Esq, A lawyer weighs in on pharmaceutical corruption and involuntary psychiatric care, Conversations in Critical Psychiatry, by Awais, Aftab, MD, Psychiatric Times.
June 8, 2022 Opinion, A potential step forward for Alaska’s mental health system, Anchorage Daily News, by James Gottstein
May 20, 2022 Commentary, Bill can be a step forward for Alaska’s mental health system, Juneau Empire, by James B. Gottstein
June 28, 2021 A conversation on Britney Spears, conservatorship, and psychiatric power, Laura Delano, David Cohen, PhD, & Jim Gottstein
February 4, 2020 The Zyprexa Papers by Jim Gottstein, Eric Maisel, PhD.
January 31, 2020 Big Pharma Meets Big Diagnosis, Big Courts, and Big Psychiatric Hospitals, by Paula J. Caplan, PhD, Mad in America.
July 1, 2017 Jim Gottstein on Mad In America Podcast
January 13, 2017 Opinion: Misguided mental health system needs an overhaul, by Jim Gottstein, Alaska Dispatch News
August 7, 2014 Interview on The Captain Radio Show.
March 25, 2014 How Alaskans can be forced medication against their Wishes, by Laurel Anderson, Alaska Dispatch .
March 14, 2014 Interview with Jim Gottstein of PsychRights, Alaska Health Policy Review
March 8, 2014 Wasilla guide case puts spotlight on state guardian program, by Zaz Hollender, Anchorage Daily News,
February 28, 2014

Patient rights vs. treatment: A complex question, KTVA Channel 11

February 27, 2014 Update: Bret Bohn Now a Ward of the State, Northern Light
August 29, 2013 Seventh Circuit Rules Psychiatrists Commit Medicaid Fraud By Prescribing Psychiatric Drugs Off-Label to Children
July 16, 2013 Protesters at Governor's Picnic to Ask Governor Parnell to Stop Drugging Alaska's Children and Youth
June 20, 2013 Al Galves, PhD, and James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq. on Lets Talk Las Cruces, KSNM.
April 29, 2013 Dangerous Meds for Children Constitute Medicaid Fraud, by Salvatore Pizzuro, The New Jersey Newsroom.
April 10, 2013 Jake Shannon Show Interview
February 25, 2013 Ritalin Gone Wrong:, KACN, Alaska Community News with Theresa Imlach.
January 3, 2013 Predicting violence is a work in progress, by David Brown, The Washington Post.
December 26, 2012 The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour - Psychiatry and Mass Shootings
October 5, 2012 The Dan Fagan Show on Fox4/KTBY hosts Jim Gottstein
September 18, 2012 Mental Health Rights, Pharma, and the Election, by Jim Gottstein, Op-Ed on Pharmalot.
July 14, 2012 Heritage Foundation Presents Perjury Proponent
June 13, 2012 Radio Interview with Jim Gottstein  attorney and founder of, on Mental Health Exposed at Natual Health News
June 7, 2012 Black Hats, White Hats, and Financial Reckonings, by Robert Whitaker, MadInAmerica.Com
May 7, 2012 Mind Over Meds, Part 1, KTUU
May 8, 2012 Mind Over Meds, Part 2, KTUU
May 9, 2012 Mind Over Meds, Part 3, KTUU
May 9, 2012 Mind Over Meds, Part 4, KTUU
April 10, 2012 Alaska Political Insider, Part 1,
April 10, 2012 Alaska Political Insider, Part 2
March 29, 2012 Drugging Our Children: Legal and Moral Issues," the American Psychological Association Humanistic Division annual conference.  (30 minutes)
February 22, 2012 The Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Elderly, clip from Jim Gottstein's guest lecture at Alaska Pacific University (9 minutes)
December 21, 2011 False Claims, Off-Label Prescribing & Doctors
December 18, 2011 Jim Gottstein on Abuse Live Radio Show
October 25, 2011 9th Circuit Allows Fraud to Continue; PsychRights Expects To File for Rehearing
October 20, 2011 PsychRights Defends Its Whistle-Blower Status
March 24, 2011 Department of Justice Moves to Protect Medicaid Defrauders: Court Sets Hearing for April 7th
October 15, 2010 Medicaid Fraud Defendants Seek Almost $325,000 in Legal Fees and Costs After Court Dismissed Case Because PsychRights is Not In It for The Money
October 2, 2010 Alaska Supreme Court Affirms Dismissal of PsychRights v. Alaska
September 25, 2010 Trial Judge Tosses Medicaid Fraud Cases Because Government Officials Are Allowing the Fraud to Continue
August 13, 2010 Zyprexa Document Leaker Loses His Appeal, by Ed Silverman, Pharmalot
August 12, 2010 Statement of Jim Gottstein Regarding 2nd Circuit Decision on the Zyprexa Papers
August 11, 2010 Illinois Medicaid Fraud Case Using PsychRights' Model Complaint Unsealed
July 17, 2010 Jim Gottstein on CPS Chronicles on BlogTalkRadio (starting about 45 minutes in).
June 16, 2010 Psychotropic Drug Abuse in Foster Care Costs Government Billions, by David Sessions, Politics Daily
June 7, 2010 Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness - Part III, by Evelyn Pringle, OpEdNews.
June 2, 2010 Medicating Children: A “Whistleblower’s” Lawsuit Raises a Novel Legal Question, by Robert Whitaker, Mad in America blog, Psychology Today
May 18, 2010 Another PsychRights Medicaid Fraud Case Unsealed
May 11, 2010 Update: Big PsychRights Medicaid Fraud Case
March 25, 2010. PsychRights Files for Order Prohibiting State of Alaska from Continuing to Perpetrate Medicaid Fraud.
March 9, 2010 FCA Suit Targets Providers, Not Drug Firms, in Novel Off-Label Use Case, Medication Compliance News, March, 2010
February 11, 2010 Lawyer takes on psychiatric industry for over-prescribing foster children, by Rhonda McBride, KTUU
February 11, 2010 Alaska psychiatrists accused of wrongly medicating children: FRAUD CLAIM: Doctors followed drug marketing recklessly, suit says, by Megan Holland, Anchorage Daily News,
January 25, 2010 Massive Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit Unsealed
January 14, 2010 Zyprexa Document Leaker Heads to Court, by Ed Silverman, Pharmalot
December 11, 2009 Mental Health Systems Not Working, CCTV Channel, Burlington Vermont.
November 14, 2009 Jim Gottstein on MindFreedom Radio (streaming from BlogTalkRadio)
      MP3 from PsychRights.Org
November 6, 2009 PsychRights in 2009
July 27, 2009 PsychRights Launches Campaign Against Medicaid Fraud With Model Lawsuit
June 30, 3009 PsychRights Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Against State Over Harmful Psychiatric Drugging of Alaskan Children & Youth
May 22, 2009 Alaska Supreme Court Grants Mental Patients Constitutional Rights
May 8, 2009 Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed in Psychiatric Drugging of Kids in US,
May 5, 2009 Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed: PsychRights Calls on Members of Congress for Assistance
April 1, 2009 If you end up in jail, and are given dangerous drugs, the State of Alaska denies responsibility for damage to your health.
April 1, 2009 Alaska Admits It Is Incapable of Protecting Children and Youth in Its Care from Harmful Psychiatric Drugging,
February 13, 2009 Psychiatric Drugging of Children - Intolerable, by Evelyn Pringle, Holistic Junction
February 4, 2009 A Hero Protects America's Children from Psychiatric Abuse, Dr. Peter Breggin on the Huffington Post Blog.
February 1, 2009 Lawsuit Challenges Alaska Drugging of Youth in State Custody
December 16, 2008 Audio Recording of  Bigley Oral Argument.
December, 2008 Jim Gottstein Interview in Alaska Health Policy Review.
November 22, 2008 PsychRights 2008 Year-End Report
October 8, 2008 Your Turn with Kathy Fountain, Tampa FOX 13 - Child Drugging Criticized, October 8, 2008.   Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Bruce Levine, Dr. Dominick Riccio, attorney Jim Gottstein.  Video 1 (8.5 min); Video 2 (7.5 min); Video 3  (6 min.)
September 2, 2008 PsychRights Sues State of Alaska to Stop Its Massive, Harmful Psychiatric Drugging of Alaskan Children  
August 29, 2008 A Couple of Things: Wayne B Decision and Esmin Green Follow-Up
August 18, 2008 PsychRights' Launches Pro Bono Recruitment Effort with MindFreedom's Ann L Human Rights Alert
August 14, 2008 PsychRights To New York Medical Examiner:
Did Psychiatric Drugs Cause Esmin Green's Fatal Blood Clot?
May 23, 2008 Announcement Re: Alaska Supreme Court Issuing Stay Pending Appeal of Forced Drugging Order
March 4, 2008 "Forcing Psychiatric Drugs Can Increase Violence," Warns New Task Force on Mental Health Legal Advocacy & Activism
December 18, 2007 PsychRights 2007 Year-End Report
October 2, 2007 E-Newsletter
July 10, 2007 News Release on New York state Simone D. decision, New York's High Court Condones Shocking Injustice
May 17, 2007 Presentation at Mental Health Consumer and Family Education & Leadership Conference: Shaping the Dream: Consumer Driven Services, Myers, Wetherhorn & More: Litigating for Consumer Driven Services, Anchorage Alaska.
May 16, 2007 Jim Gottstein on Mindfreedom Radio 9.5 Megabytes MP3.
April 29, 2007 Gottstein honored for role as mental health activist, Anchorage Daily News
April 24, 2007 Increased drugging will not control violence: A Call For Reason in wake of VT shootings
March 21, 2007 Freedom Center's Madness Radio Interviews (54 Megabyte MP3)  of INTAR participants.
February 13, 2007 Judge Issues Permanent Injunction in Eli Lilly Drug Case: Congress Encouraged to Subpoena Zyprexa Papers
February 13, 2007 Anchorage attorney battles drug giant, Pro bono work leads to his exposing potential medicine dangers, by Lisa Demer, Anchorage Daily News.
January 13, 2007 Justices rule upon Alaska law for mentally ill, Alaska Supreme Court:Patients can be involuntarily kept only if it's necessary for their safety, by Lisa Demer, Anchorage Daily News
December 27, 2006 PsychRights Calls For "Dear Doctor" Letter from Eli Lilly Restricting Zyprexa Prescriptions to Current Users
December 26, 2006 Statement Regarding Non-Affiliation with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)
December 21, 2006
December 17-18, 2006 PsychRights' President & CEO provides New York Times with formerly suppressed documents resulting in the New York Times stories, Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill, December 17, 2006. 
New York Times, Drug Files Show Maker Promoted Unapproved Use, December 18, 2006.
  CNN Article on Release of Zyprexa Documents, mentioning Jim Gottstein, PsychRights' President and CEO.
October 3, 2006 PsychRights Joins Just Say "Know" to Prescription Drugs Campaign
June 30, 2006 Freedoms for All In Time for the 4th . . . Alaska Supreme Court Strikes Down Forced Psychiatric Drugging Procedures
June 30, 2006 Woman wins drug case in Supreme Court
December 11, 2005
55 Megabyte MP3 File!!
Gilbert Sanchez of the Alaska Public Radio Network ( hosts an interchange of ideas on INTERCAMBIOS in English and Spanish. Anchorage Attorney Jim Gottstein is the guest. Gottstein's campaign to reform mental health treatment is the topic.
November 12, 2005 PowerPoint of Presentation on Involuntary "Treatment" in the US at the US Chapter of the International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia and other Psychoses annual conference.
November 8, 2005 November 2005, Newsletter
November 6, 2005 Anchorage Daily News, November 6, 2005.
October 28, 2005
October 8, 2005
Sept. 19, 2005 Katrina Victims Need Homes, Money, Jobs and Support -- Not Psychiatric Drugs
September 11 & 19, 2005 Jim Gottstein presentation on Involuntary Commitment and Medication in Alaska: or Just Because I’m Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After Me, University of Alaska Anchorage, SWK 643, Human Diversity and Special Populations.
August 25, 2005 Appearance on "Bathrobespierre's Broadsides," Radio Free Santa Cruz.  (23 MB)
August 2, 2005 PsychRights August 2005 Newsletter
April 13, 2005 Jim Gottstein's presentation "The Courts’ Potential Role in Transforming Mental Health Care in Alaska" at the 2005 Mental Health Consumer & Family Leadership Conference
      PowerPoint Show Version
March 15, 2005 PsychRights March 2005 Newsletter
February 17, 2005 Appearance on the Annie Armen Live Radio Show   Listen
February 3, 2005 PowerPoint of Jim Gottstein's presentation to the Alaska Bar Association's Health Law Section
December 17, 2004 PsychRights 2004 Year-End Report.
November 1, 2004 PsychRights Joins MindFreedom Shield Program
September 27, 2004 PsychRights' September 27, 2004, Newsletter
July 27, 2004 E-mail to the National Association of Mental Health Planning Advisory Councils.
July 22, 2004 Letter regarding the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership Preliminary Plan's proposal to screen children and expectant mothers
               PDF Version.
April 24, 2004 Jim Gottstein's Speech to the Alaska Libertarian Party Convention.
March 4, 2004 Keeping Faith
February 12, 2004 Woman fights API forced-drug rules: Former patient takes issue to the Alaska Supreme Court.
January 28, 2004 PsychRights January 28, 2004 Newsletter.
January 12, 2004 PsychRights Sues State of Alaska to Avoid Upheaval
December 16, 2003 PsychRights Joins Scientific Panel's Call For Investigation of Psychiatric Organization's Mass Deception
November, 2003 PsychRights' First Year Report.
September 8, 2003 PsychRights Putting on Mental Disability Law Seminar
September 4, 2003 What Would You Say Under Oath?  Surgeon General Asked
August 25, 2003: Doctors and Other Scientists Signing On Against American Psychiatric Association
August 22, 2003: Update: Psychiatric Association Produces No Evidence Supporting Its Claims
August 20, 2003: PsychRights Supports Fast for Freedom in Mental Health
April 7, 2003 Woman fights order to take drugs: Faith Myers says decision to take medicine should be hers.
December 17, 2002 Journalist finds flaws in mental-health care: Alaska board invites author to speak about his controversial book.
September 13, 1992 In Him they Trust: Lawyer Fights to Remake Mental Health Lands

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