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Doctors and Other Scientists Signing On Against American Psychiatric Association



August 25, 2003


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) found itself under siege today as fallout continues from its inability to back up its claims of a "neuroscientific basis of many mental illnesses."   A courageous band of “psychiatric survivors” are into their ninth day of a liquids only hunger strike -- the “Fast for Freedom in Mental Health” -- challenging the Mental Health Establishment to back up its scientific claims justifying forced drugging.  Only the APA of the three challenged by the Hunger Strikers has responded substantively, saying the answers were in specified textbooks and psychiatric journals.  A Scientific Panel of 14 internationally recognized experts appointed to review responses to the challenge, on August  22nd, turned those sources on the APA, citing chapter and verse where the purported support for APA’s position was exactly the opposite.  Since then doctors and other scientists have been “signing onto” the Science Panel’s report slamming the APA.  See,

While cyberspace has been buzzing with the controversy, mainstream media has largely yet to pick up on these dramatic events.  Nicholas Regush, editor of Red Flags Daily has been running daily stories and most recently challenged the Medical Director of the APA to a debate.  The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, one of the two others challenged by the Hunger Strikers failed to provide any substantive response and are not expected to do so since they rely on the APA for their information.  The other one challenged, the Surgeon General of the United States, certainly should be expected to respond, but thus far has failed to do so.

This may seem an esoteric question about the origins of mental illnesses, however it is anything but that because the false claim of biologic origin has been used to justify the mass chemical lobotomizing of hundreds of thousands of psychiatry’s victims.  To the Hunger Strikers and their supporters around the world, this is a true struggle for freedom – the freedom to have one’s very mind.  Their complaint isn’t against allowing people to choose the medications, but the right to choose whether to take them or not.  The entire community of people who have been caught up as psychiatric patients at one time or another is united against forced drugging.

Jim Gottstein, COO of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) says, “The courts have been duped by the psychiatric establishment into thinking they are helping people, when the opposite is true.”  PsychRights,’ formed just under a year ago, has a mission to conduct a calculated series of legal cases challenging the science behind the current scourge that is forced medication.  “We have dropped everything else we can to support these brave and courageous Hunger Strikers as much as possible,” said Psychrights’ President Don Roberts.  “Luckily the timing was good as we just filed our brief to  the Alaska Supreme Court in our appeal challenging the way forced drugging is done in Alaska.”

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