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This page is intended to provide information on a state by state basis as well as some other countries. We don't have information on all of the states, but Mental Health Law at MegaLaw has a state by state listing of laws pertaining to mental health. We can't really vouch for its accuracy though, particularly since at first glance we noticed that it doesn't seem to include the involuntary medication statutes for Alaska.  The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law has a state by state guide to outpatient commitment laws.  This guide does not include information about "Rogers Orders" in Massachusetts, though so we don't know if there are other situations like that.  The Bazelon Center has also published Bazelon Psychiatric Advance Directive Forms to Prepare an Advance Directive for Mental Health Decisionmaking.  There is also an online database of mental health professionals convicted of crimes


The states and countries we have some information on are:



International Organizations

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