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Law Project for Psychiatric Rights v. State of Alaska
(Case No. 3AN 08-10115 CI)

In this lawsuit PsychRights sought declaratory and injunctive relief that Alaskan children and youth have the right not to be administered psychotropic drugs unless and until:

(i)    evidence-based psychosocial interventions have been exhausted,
(ii)    rationally anticipated benefits of psychotropic drug treatment outweigh the risks,
(iii)    the person or entity authorizing administration of the drug(s) is fully informed, and
(iv)    close monitoring of, and appropriate means of responding to, treatment emergent effects are in place,

and that all children and youth currently receiving such drugs be evaluated and brought into compliance with the above.

The trial court decided PsychRights lacked standing and the case should be dismissed and the Alaska Supreme Court affirmed the dismissal on October 1, 2010, including the approximately $4,000 attorney fee award against PsychRights.

Supreme Court Case No. S-13558

Superior Court Case No. 3AN 08-10115 CI



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