Oregon Patient Right's and Advocacy Commission

Wayne Skeen, the president of the "Patient Right's and Advocacy Commission" (PRAC) announces the formation of this loosely organized non-profit corporation that is committed to promoting and ensuring the unrestricted exercise of rights by individuals confined at the Oregon State Hospital and other psychiatric facilities.

P.R.A.C. is in immediate need of individuals to serve as advocates and advisors. There are  no dues or fees, no application, no membership-- The only requirement is reliability and the passion to help! Your duties are simple: 1) You receive a patient complaint [2-4 per month], then; 2) You call the administration of the institution as a representative of P.R.A.C. and demand an answer to the complaint. That's all!

For volunteering, suggestions or questions contact Wayne Skeen at portlandor@palm.net.

Last modified 3/24/2003