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New Hampshire

May 6, 2008, Legislative Petition to Criminally and Civilly Prosecute Certain Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from New Hampshire Legislators to Attorney General Ayotte.

On February 15, 2006, the New Hampshire Supreme Court held "there cannot be an involuntary commitment without clear and convincing evidence of specific acts or actions demonstrating a potentially serious likelihood of dangerousness" in In the Matter of B.T., and confirming that a psychiatrist's report alone cannot justify commitment.



Jeff Sager, N.D.
The Cypress Center
Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester
401 Cypress Street
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 434 1577 - Dr. Sager's office

The Cypress Center is a standard inpatient psychiatric facility. For patients wanting a naturopathic treatment plan at the Center, they have the option of having naturopathic physician Jeff Sager assigned as the primary physician on their case. Dr. Sager prefers to avoid or minimize drug use when possible and treat the underlying physical sources of the client's problems through lab testing, diet, nutrients, etc.

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