2012 Film Series

Non-Drug Approaches To Curing People Diagnosed With Serious Mental Illness

Wilda Marston Theater --7:00 to 9:00 PM

3600 Denali St., Anchorage, AK 99503

Located in the Z.J. Loussac Library

This film series by Daniel Mackler, a former psychotherapist, shows people who have fully recovered without psychiatric drugs after being diagnosed with serious mental illness and programs that help people do it.  This is contrary to what we have been led to believe.  Please Join us for these films and in the discussions that will follow them.

Recovery from Schizophrenia Without Medication


January 10, 2012  Take These Broken Wings shows that people can recover fully from schizophrenia without psychiatric medication.  According to most of the mental health field, and of course the pharmaceutical industry, this is not possible.  How little they know – or want to know!  The film centers on the lives of two women who both recovered from severe schizophrenia.


An Alternative, Finnish Approach to Healing Psychosis


February 14, 2012  In the far north of Finland  a group of innovative family therapists converted the area’s traditional mental health system, which once boasted some of Europe’s poorest outcomes for schizophrenia, into one that now gets the best results in the world.  They call their approach Open Dialogue.  They have literally eliminated schizophrenia in their area because people recover before the six months required to be labeled with that diagnosis. 

See our Facebook Event Page, OPEN DIALOGUE An Alternative, Finnish Approach to Healing Psychosis.


An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis


March 13, 2012  Healing Homes chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden -- a program which helps people recover from psychosis without medication.  Healing Homes weaves together interviews with clients, farm families, and staff members to create both a powerful vision of medication-free recovery and an eye-opening critique of the medical model of psychiatry.


The Mental Health System:  Who's Crazy?
A live presentation by James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq.


April 10, 2012  Reprising his popular talk for the Graduate Psychology Program at Alaska Pacific University (see, clip), this free public presentation addresses common myths and misunderstandings about people diagnosed with mental illness, what tends to help, what doesn't, and what tends to harm.  This talk will pull together what the research shows regarding standard and alternative treatments for people diagnosed with serious mental illness, broken into segments on children and youth as well as adults and the elderly.  Most importantly, it will go through what directions the data suggests people and policy makers should take.