Pre-Conference Information
MindFreedom 2005 Action Conference Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
"Activism for Human Rights in Mental Health: How the Law Can Support Grassroots Action for Human Rights in the Mental Health System."
April 29 to Monday May 2, 2005
American University Washington College of Law

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The Open Track is for participants whose concerns and issues don't fit into any of the other tracks or who want to promote an action that they don't think fits under one of the other tracks.

What we plan to do at the first Open Track session is to do some brainstorming of the issues and concerns that participants are excited about. Once we have a somewhat prioritized list, we will invite participants to offer to lead a group in the design of an action to address one or more of the issues. We'll then invite participants to self-select into groups and to go forward in designing actions. The facilitators will be available to help any of the groups in their work.

Al Galves
Jeff Wilson

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