Pre-Conference Information
MindFreedom 2005 Action Conference Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
"Activism for Human Rights in Mental Health: How the Law Can Support Grassroots Action for Human Rights in the Mental Health System."
April 29 to Monday May 2, 2005
American University Washington College of Law

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Choices Track
 Choices In Mental Health

Topics to Discuss at Action Conference

What is our definition of an alternative to the mental health system?

Please think of ideas to add to the following lists:

Possible alternatives to create:

places which could prevent crises:

a.neighborhood or community get-togethers (pot lucks)
b.teen drop-in centers
c.discussion groups
d.block parties
e.festival of alternatives

support groups
cooperative housing - not connected to mental health system
food co-ops
range of low-cost housing
presentations in schools about what's wrong with the mental health system and
also about alternatives, recovery, the real scoop on psychiatric drugs
speakers bureaus on alternatives, recovery, the real scoop on psychiatric drugs
actual suicide prevention - lifeline network
national campaign about lifeline network
national campaign about promoting alternatives
network of people who are creating alternatives--find out about it on the web on
interactive site

Activities that have been helpful in recovery:

art work
reading stories of recovery
oral histories
supportive relationships
emotional healing
peer support
someone listening
fun activities
having an interesting job and/or interesting activities
access to a working mental health alternative

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