Charter North*

My name is Jaimie Drews, I was a patient at Charter North when Joe Smith was the Director, I believe 1987 or 1986. I was medicated under Psychiatrist Dr. Mcconnel. I have been sitting on this for years and I have a complaint. No this is not a investigation, nor does it need to be compensated. Unless you plan to reimburse for the liver damage. I was medicated 150 mg of imepramine and they did not know that I had a chemical imbalance and overdosed me and caused perminant damage. Later they were apologetic to my PARENTS and found the error since it affected me as if I was dosed over 300 mg. I was then put on deseprimine at a 25 mg. dosage to elude complications. Joe Smith had placed many children in the padded rooms dosing them with thorzine shots. I was one of the lucky favorites of many STAFF that they overrode his authority and left me alone with privileges. BUT had endured many hours up past 15 because I was informing my Mom that Joe Smith was tired of hearing me stand up for my Dad and literally said "your Dad hates you or you wouldn't be there" And much more. Well my father came in and after he left I endured many hours in that room without bathroom breaks or suppper or anything and he said it was because I breached confidentiality. Other kids would just urinate on the floor because he had staff refuse to let them out. I lost a good friend named John Emmons as he overdosed on his medication because of the stress that he endured there and absence of family interaction. So yes in connection they played a big part in the cost of his life. Other kids like one girl injured herself playing volley ball and every staff member thought she was faking and I outbursted saying that they could at least check her and I was sent to the room for hours again and they finally took her into the hospital and YES it was broken. I had a knife pulled on me by a boy named Ernie and since Joe hated me, he just put Ernie in a time out in the open hallway, NO police, no room nothing. As that kid sat and glared rocked back.

* Editor's Note:  This facility is now run by "Northstar Hospital."  It is currently under investigation for improper drugging of kids by the Disability Law Center of Alaska, but they have not been very aggressive.  April 20, 2005.