When Will We Learn?
By Felicia McCarty

Dear Ms. Donovan, I am a member of Support Coalition International, an international networking system that defends human rights in psychiatry and promotes alternatives. (Alternatives referring to other means of treating depression and other mental distresses.)

    I was heartsick to read about Mrs. Ener. But, not really surprised that here is another example of 'iatrogenic' tragedy. There have been many such instances across the country, including the Harris School Shooting.

    It has been reported again and again in newspapers and on TV newscasts that offenses were committed while persons were on psychiatric drugs. One has only to 'wonder' how many years it will require for the public and also the medical profession to open apathetic eyes and admit the inherent dangers of these highly toxic drugs!

    I, also, suffered postpartum problems due to some very traumatic circumstances before, during, and after delivery of my child, but I was coping and I am convinced that 'if' I had not been given the drug THORAZINE I would not have experienced the horrible psychotic symptoms that this drug is known to cause and subsequent hospitalization in a state hospital.

    The shock of learning that my infant 'might' be seriously impaired and thus my baby having to remain in the hospital was a terrible assault against my emotions. This was because I'd almost miscarried in the first trimester and throughout my pregnancy I'd experienced constant concern that she might be born seriously impaired. When Dr. said she must remain in hospital for a few days, 'to be observed' this caused terrible dread and fear to occur. I 'stuffed' my feelings, went home and waited for news of her condition. I was in constant dread but had no one to talk to about the matter.

    When she arrived home I attempted to breast feed her and she became extremely ill. In the same time frame I became aware of terrible pain in my right breast. I took her to the doctor and he said 'take her off the breast' and put her on a formula. I did this.

    At the same time doctor took a culture of my breast and found it was staph infected. He surgically lanced my breast and put in a drain. At the same time, he reached in his desk and handed me one of those packages that drug sales persons hand out to doctors. It was THORAZINE.

    He said, "This will relax you."

    What it did was to send me off into outer space!

    A few days later In midst of a cold winter drizzle, I found myself in a daze, wandering on streets and as though awakening from sleepwalking I found myself totally 'lost.' Luckily, I knocked on a kind and gentle woman's door and she called information and learned that I lived a few blocks away. She drove me home.

    I had 'blacked out' from the THORAZINE and being very naive about this drug I simply continued to imbibe it as instructed by my obstetrician. I became more and more confused and extremely upset because I realized that something was terribly wrong, but I did not know how to 'fix' it. That is a truly terrorizing feeling.

    I ended up in a hospital where I was given another drug that nearly caused my death. It was Elavil. Fortunately, I was aware of the threat to my body and got the nurse's attention. In minutes there were several physicians standing around my bed and apparently administering an antidote.

    Not only am I personally AWARE of the dangers of these highly toxic drugs I have read numerous reports of law suits around the iatrogenic effects of these drugs. And, yet doctors continue to administer them like giving an aspirin to a person with a headache!

    Whatever 'legal' head defends Mrs. Ener he/she MUST do proper scientific and legal research.


    Truly concerned medical experts and legal experts MUST do proper investigation around these iatrogenically-based tragedies. Physicians must be made accountable!

    There is a young woman at a California State Forensic Hospital who had a virtual arsenal of psychiatric drugs in her home at the time that she ran over a pedestrian. She may be spending the rest of her life in a forensic hospital or/and life in a state prison. Again, she is the 'victim' of psychiatrists who 'casually' prescribe what is known as 'drug-cocktails' to distressed persons! This is involuntary intoxication and yet she is accused of a 'hate' crime and may even face the death penalty in California!

    My own experience reveals that the real answers to fear, depression, anxiety is a well-balanced diet, surround oneself with strong support system, draw on one's spiritual belief (GOD, WHO IS the GREAT PHYSICIAN), and to be VERY CAREFUL about choosing a 'medical' professional.

    This is especially TRUE with pregnant women!

    I have, for years, functioned as a peer/advocate, working along with other experienced and knowledgeable laypersons, medical persons, ethicists, clergy persons to expose the tremendous corruption going on in 'mental health' departments around the country.

    The treatment of 'choice' is 'drugs' for depression and other symptoms of mental/emotional distress. The result, however, has been recurring tragedies, such as you have described in this news article.

    It is very important that our news media starts 'paying attention' to the 'rise' of iatrogenically based 'tragedies' in this country! (iatrogenic ... meaning Doctor-DRUG-CAUSED illness's and tragedies.)

    Thank you for this opportunity to disclose this important information and I truly hope that you and your media associates will take the information to heart and do some real discovery around these important issues.

    We are paying out billions upon billions in the WAR AGAINST STREET DRUGS. We need to focus on the WAR AGAINST PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS and 'ILL' treatment of citizens by psychiatrists, many of whom know very well the damages these drugs can and do cause, but such doctors 'buy into' the psycho-pharmacuetical beliefs and 'operations' in order to financially feather their own nests!

    Laws around forced drugging in the communities threaten to bring about a totalitarian state in this country, not unlike what occurred in Nazi Germany and in recent years ... Communist countries. It is time to expose bio-psychiatry as an EVIL enemy whose tenacles are slowing wrapping themselves around all things sacred in this country.

    When will we EVER learn?

Felicia McCarty