I have been suffering from depression since I was 10 years old. There is a strong bipolar family history. I was a Psychiatric RN for 12 years. My depression became treatment resistant. And I became desperate for relief of my symptoms. I agreed to ECT. I had the first shock on 9-27-06 and the 2nd on 9-27-06. I am obese and have severe sleep apnea. I requested to be intubated for both procedures, but wasn't. They had difficulty with my airway, hyperextended my neck and ruptured discs. I had bruising on my face and arms. I was told nothing went wrong, all went well. When I asked Why they didn't intubate me as requested they said we don't do that for ECT. I had written my request on the anesthesia consent also. The Psychiatrist said "put her out when the anest. told him I want to be intubated. 4 days later I suffered a stroke. I was 40 yrs. old. Now 1 yr later after many tests, traction, pain management, and severe pain that no doctor would give me medication for. I went to Pittsburgh and found out I had 3 ruptured discs and my spinal chord was being compressed in 4 places. I had 3 discs removed and my neck fused 2 days after Christmas. All because these people wouldn't intubate me.