Mother Loses Children Weaning Son from Drugs

I am a single mother in New York state and I lost my children and my rights as a mother trying to fight this ADHD thing. I was slowly bringing my son off of these drugs, trying desperately to find a doctor who didn't believe in them, and in doing so the school counselor called child protection services and had me charged with medical neglect and harming my other children by not drugging my son. (even though he was taking his meds' just not as many) the judge listened to them and didn't care about a word I said, and my so called public defender didn't hardly show up or do anything in my favor. AS of yet I haven't heard of anything on the appeal I applied for and it's been a year. Please be careful!!!! As a parent, we may have conceived and given birth but we have no rights when it comes to our own children. The government says what we can and can't do. Since all of this happened my life has gone down hill, no matter how hard I try the brick wall keeps getting stronger and stronger. I don't want you to go through the hell I've been living for almost 3 years. It is very hard just to wake up and keep on living without my children. Don't tell anyone even your child your taking them off the meds. Give them tic tacs or something in disguise.