Dear Kim,

I see you are talking with Dr. Baughman, He is a very reliable source for all your ADHD questions and such. And is a God send. My name is Tammy and I am from Buffalo, New York. Dr. Baughman was the only person to contact me when I cried for help, even though he couldn't be here holding my hand through my hell, he was a constant emotional support. My hell is far from over and I doubt it ever will be, and with the holidays here and no laughter in the house or arguing kids It is really hard time of year.

NYS child welfare kidnapped my children from me because my son's school called and said my child wasn't being medicated for ADHD. I was charged with medical neglect and child endangerment and my rights as a mother severed for life. I had 3 children, and just wanted to die because everything I loved and lived for was taken from me. I was given a public defender because I am a single poor mother, and so you know how that went. PUBLIC DEFENDERS don't care, they are part of the system, being paid by the system sooooooooooo..... guess who had no defense. My children were all separated so they don't even know each other anymore, aren't allowed to talk to each other, and have been placed up for adoption. They think I don't love them or care about them and didn't fight for them. All lies but they believe what they are told. I have 2 more years to wait for the oldest to turn 18 and hopefully he finds his way home, as far as the youngest, I will probably never see them again, as I am not allowed to talk to them.

There are more mother's out there like me. So IF you are doing a paper, you should do one on the kidnapping of children from loving families. The schools get paid for every child diagnosed as ADHD, learning disabled and such. The state gets paid for every child they take into custody and then paid even more to sever the rights of the parents and put them up for adoption, the doctors get paid from the pharmaceutical companies some kind of percentage for everyone diagnosed with a "mental disorder" and prescribed medications. And there is so much more to this. I am still trying to find help to get my children back and sue the hell out of this state, but so far no luck. NO-one cares especially when it comes to pro-bono work. As far me, I am in college so that I can better my life for my children and give them a home if they ever find me. They will always have a room and bed. Good luck with your studies and God bless.