Victimized in New Jersey

I was victimized in New Jersey.  The 1st time I sent an email to someone that was supposed to be helping me because of my physical disability making me unable to meet my needs saying that I would end up homeless and die from that if he didn't help me.  That was reported as a suicide threat to Trinitas hospital.  THEY REFUSED TO READ WHAT I ACTUALLY WROTE AND JUST TOOK ANOTHER PERSON'S WORD that I had threatened suicide. 

 The 2nd time, another person who was supposed to be helping was mistreating me.  Again, I wrote a letter, more carefully stating that HE WAS HURTING ME...and I WOULD HELP MYSELF by finding someone else to help me.  Again that was reported to Trinitas as a suicide threat.  Again, they took his word, AND REFUSED TO READ WHAT I ACTUALLY WROTE.  Reportedly, he admitted he was just mad at me 5 days later and I was told I certainly didn't need to be at the hospital for that.  But they still labeled me with possible bipolar, schizophrenia, episodic mood disorder and expected me to take anti psychotic drugs.

 The hospital is no more than a human warehouse.  They handed out crayons and called it occupational therapy.  They gave out wooden shapes and glue and called it art therapy.  There was an elderly woman who could barely get out of bed.  She would often urinate on herself and was left like that for hours.  She was never bathed the entire time I was there.  My physical health needs were ignored and I couldn't eat for 3 days because I was denied treatment for my pre existing physical condition.

 In addition, according to NJ law, a person cannot be involuntarily committed if they are willing to get help on their own.  I was already seeking treatment due to the prior abuses and had an appointment scheduled about a week later.

 It has been over 4 years, I still suffer from PTSD because of the abuse.  From what I have heard, I have some sort of record that could harm me.  I am on SSDI.  I am too afraid to go to another doctor.  I wanted to file a lawsuit for kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment, but since I am poor I have no rights.  There is probably no way around the statute of limitations now.  I would prefer that they were criminally charged.

 Previously, I had a college degree worked in the medical and disabilities fields since I was 14.  I had been in a medical study for my physical condition a few years earlier (in my 30s) where they did 4 long mental health evals (much more in depth than they did at the hospital) and none showed any evidence of mood disorders or psychosis.  I currently have an accurate diagnosis of PTSD.  I have never been generally sad or had a loss of interest in activities for a mood disorder diagnosis.  I have been forced to reduce activities because of my physical health and financial situation.