My Reason for Signing:

Psychiatric coercion was used on me in San Diego. I got stopped for speeding. Taken into Sharp Grossmont hospital where they drugged me and demanded I sign a consent to treatment which included psychosurgery in the fine print. I refused, they called me crazy. I still refused and demanded to be released. Afterwards I was arrested and charged with felony evasion of police for what should have been a $500 speeding ticket. 


First I was held at Las Colinas. I tried to invoke a Marsden Motion in court during which, Vickie Fernandes (the public defender assigned to me) declared me mentally incompetent. This triggered competency evaluations which I only half co-operated with citing People v Pokovich and People v McPeters. I challenged the competency proceedings citing People v Panah, People v Davis and People v Blair. I also argued against forced medication citing Sell v US and Benson v Terhune. 


I was transferred to Patton until I agreed to forced medication. I gave the number of my family members so that my family could provide information on my medical history and my doctors could be consulted. Psychiatry staff at both Las Colinas and Patton refused. They did not follow the standards for competency set under Wilson v Superior Court which I argued while confined. After being released I found this link which has cases I did not cite or know about


My second public defender, Troy Britt, was excellent. Unfortunately by that time I had spent 11mths in jail + Patton and was too exhausted to keep fighting. He advised I plead guilty and deal with things after release. He also tried to get the felony reduced to misdemeanor but was told the arresting officer was refusing based on discretionary authority. 


My judgement was issued April 25, 2013 1 count VC2800 2(A). Penalty: time served (12mths jail at Las Colinas) + 3yrs Court Probation. All fines and fees stayed.  Sharp Grossmont hospital hired a legal firm to demand $2,244.73 due to the insurance for a forced 72hr commitment (I was taken there the night I was arrested).  My family already paid $623.27 in bills sent directly from the doctors working at Sharp Grossmont.  I told them not to pay the insurance portion. 


I have never had any history of evasion of police. The only problem I had ever had before was 1 speeding ticket and a few parking tickets. Regarding the reason I was speeding. It was my birthday and I was fed up with harassment from neighbors while living at the Coronado Bay Club apartments. Here is an example of the verbal abuse I was constantly receiving from neighbors: 

"On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 9:08 PM, Sara Smith <> wrote:


In addition, the instructions of the arresting officer contributed to my speeding. The arrest report filed with the Department of California Highway Patrol (date: 11-19-11, report: 0615, MVARS disc 4 event 1, Booking/CII/FBI number: 1185079) Summary of Facts line 13 "I utilized the p/v's public address system (PA) and advised the driver to accelerate and pull to the right" These are counter intuitive instructions if one is suspected of evading police.


The appointed psychiatrist after release, Dr. Rodarte, was hell bent on declaring me bi-polar (Social Security psychiatrist, Dr. Conte said definitely not and 2 others who did a follow up said there would be no way to tell for at least 1 year because the symptoms of acute stress are similar to bi-polar and schizophrenia); when I pressured Dr Rodarte for a reason given there is only 1 episode in 43yrs he cited my confinement at Patton (they initiated the bi-polar diagnosis). Dr. Tasher had to order a series of lithium tests to prove my lithium was normal without medication. This invalidated the bi-polar "diagnosis." 


I took myself off the medication as soon as the court mandated psychiatry visits finished. I have not had any problems despite high levels of stress, anxiety and PTSD.  


I finally found safety with Dr Holden, pscholoigist who did not classify me as bi-polar although yes for acute stress) and my Telecare iHOT advocate (they determined I do not need ongoing support)

My primary care physician got a neurologist to conduct an evaluation which revealed no problems for a person of my age. Two neurologists (Dr. Ubels van noord and a senior neurologist) stated behavioral diagnosis should be done by doctors who have a history of observing the patient (different times, different circumstances, over a long period of time).  This was never done by Sharp Grossmont, Las Colinas or Patton psychiatrists. With respect to behavioral changes and sleep deprivation, these can occur for an infinite number of reasons especially under high stress. 


Dr. Holden asked what type of treatment I would prefer. We agreed on Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy (REBT + CBT) because I very much dislike Talk Therapy (some was evidently necessary). He focused on improving my coping skills and helping me find ways to restore my identity as an executive professional. The skills have helped me to manage continuous improvement 6 years later.