School Guidance Counselor Horror Story

At the age of 13, I was in 8th grade, which today is still considered middle school or junior high. It was 31 March 2004, when I was called to the health office by the school nurse during my last period of the day, which was study hall.

When I got to the health office, Mrs. S., the nurse, took me over to the guidance office to speak with Mr. A., one of the guidance counselors because someone had apparently decided that I was going to commit suicide. I have to assume that this was due to my liking of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, and the song "I Hate Myself and I Want to Die," which was written by Nirvana. I also rejected Christianity, dabbling in witchcraft and Satanism, which, in hindsight, is not a good idea in the Bible Belt.

In Mr. A's office, I was informed that I was suicidal, and when I protested, I was called a liar. I asked to leave, but was not allowed. They informed me that they were conducting an intervention, which really meant that they were calling me a crazy, suicidal liar, because I truthfully told them that I was not suicidal.

I was considered crazy, because I put forth the proposal that maybe Kurt Cobain was murdered. I got this idea, originally, from the book titled Who Killed Kurt Cobain: The Mysterious Death of an Icon. I was also considered mentally ill because I was (and still am) shy, walked with my head down, and had testing anxiety.

Instead of letting me leave, which I was begging them to do while I sat there crying, they called my mother so that she would have to come get me. After contacting my mother, I was told that if I tried to leave again, they would call an ambulance and have me committed to a psychiatric ward. When my mother arrived at school, she was coerced into setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist, because they wanted a diagnosis and medication before I could be left alone.

I, needless to say, refused to speak with the psychiatrist, and so therefore, was forced to listen while my mother told one lie after the next about me and my mental state. How and what she would know is beyond me, as she and I do not talk about such things. I have no desire to be screamed and yelled at about I view the world and my life, so I no longer bother to bring it up.

Now, 2 years later, at the age of 15, I go to the doctor about a back problem and because I need to have my prescriptions for asthma meds refilled and still get asked if I'm in counseling. What was it that I did that was so wrong? I NEVER EVER consented to go see that psychiatrist. It makes me sick that people think I did, when in actuality, I did not.

Anyone in middle and high school should have to consent to receiving any type of treatment or counseling from school guidance counselors and psychologists. At the very least, students should have an impartial person or group of persons hear their side of the story to determine whether treatment is necessary. If it is deemed necessary, the student, unless homicidal, should be given a guarantee of confidentiality and not be forced into more than one 40 minute session. Someone needs to fight the power of guidance counselors and psychologists.