It's Not Just Diabetes
Lizzy Claiborne
New Orleans, LA

I was tricked into taking Zyprexa and wasn't even sick; I was in remission and doing well, just got a new psychiatrist who wanted to suck up to Lilly. He told me it was "a novel new drug with impressive anti depressant qualities". And once you're on it, you can't make decisions or even really realize what's happening to you.

I gained a hundred pounds and blew apart my feet, knees, and lower back.

So- from mountain bike racing to complete cripple in eight months. And the shame of blowing up like that, people called me names on the street.

Please- go after those bastards at Lilly any time any place.

Orthopedic injury from the wieght gain is a whole arena of litigation that should be pursued. I'm as badly injured as Zyprexa diabetics. And I was really close to that, too, my blood sugar was crazy. I think my leftover fitness was all that saved me, but I'm literally a cripple. Orthotics, cane, reconstructive surguries....

Nobody in Louisiana will try this case because it hasn't been done and won by a better attorney yet. Even my ex husband the brilliant attorney can't get me represented (he does other things)

Think about it- not for me, wrong state, but because every orthopedic surgeon who worked on me knew about this drug and was mighty damn tired of cleaning up the mess it made.