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by Wendy Handley

Iím a 63 year old women that has spent a life time of being miss diagnosed.  In 2007 I got a correct diagnoses of having Aspergers after a life time of incorrect diagnoses, I was so happy when I found out I was a aspi not this person that the doctors said I was. Iíve being trying to get my medical records amended but just won't happen because to amend my records they would have to admit that they had got it wrong.

 In 1995 I had a breakdown after memories of being raped by 6 men when I was 18yrs. I couldnít handle what I was reliving and tried to kill myself by taking a overdose of sleeping pills, I was admitted to a lock up ward and when I was coming to, the doctor that had prescribed them for me was vocally abusing me.  "How dare I," were his words. All I wanted was him to disappear.  I spent a week in this ward, being interrogated by half a dozen doctors daily.  No one was even talking about my memories of being raped.  It was all about what drug to give me. 

I didnít want to go on drugs as they had never helped in the past with depression. They always made it worse.  As soon as I got in the open ward I checked myself out as I didnít feel they were helping as they didnít seem to want to talk about the rape that I had gone through.  Their attitude was I should deal with it as it was so long ago and just forget about it, so for 15years I saw many different doctors all giving me different diagnoses.  In the end I ended up with quite a list, I ended up very sick and had a blood test done which showed I had a severe mineral diffiancy I had a reading of .002 Magnesium.  I was running on empty.  I shook so bad they thought I had Parkinsons. I even had an appointment with a neurosurgeon.  After getting the blood results I went to see a nutritional specialist who put me on Trace minerals, B vitamins and some herbs.  I stopped shaking after 12hours and have never looked back. I felt I was reborn. I felt so well and wanted to tell the world.  My doctor's reaction was that I had wasted my money and only needed a Borroco.  He got angry with me spending $165.00.  I couldnít understand why he wasnít happy for me.  I felt on top of the world untill I saw him.  That was the last time I saw him.

It has been nearly 10 years since I started improving my health and have not looked back.  I have cured asthma and depression.  I have had no return visits to the pych ward or had to see any doctors for my mental health.  I see a psycologist who is helping me understand my aspergers and how to improve my life through talking about it.  She has helped so much. I donít understand why the doctors hadnít worked out I was an Aspi.  When I was diagnosed I was only in the room 10 minutes.  When the pychologist that diagnosed me said "you are so Aspi," so why had all these specialists not worked out that I had Aspergers? 

I have been trying to get my medical records amended and have asked for a copy of my medical records.  There were lots of nurses, conversations, blood tests, lots of opinions by nurses, but no doctors records.   I asked why and the admin people told me they couldnít give them to me as it could be dangerous to the doctors??????????????  I have never been violant in my life and donít understand why I carnít see them. 

Since being diogosed with Aspergers I have read all I can about it and it has given me many answers about my life. the trouble I had when I was young, and the problems I had at school, but it has also given me many answers about who I am and why I am like I am.  It was hard growing up having a schziod mother and an Aspi father.  My mother got sick when I was about 7yrs old and I had to raise 3 brothers and look after the family home, not that I did that well at it but I did my best for a 7yr old.  Our house was like how dirty is your house well ours was very bad.   I was scared for my life, mum tried to chop me up with an axe when I was about 10yrs old. I was good at climbing trees and it saved my life.

Iíve been an artist most of my life and loved garderning.  Iím a potter at the moment and started the mental health pottery group.  I even won volunteer of the year.  That made me proud.  I often think how different life would have been it doctors and teachers had understood about Aspergers.  It answered to me the difficulties that I had at school, not being able to make friends, but also in later life.  There is a lot more to my story.  The thing I want most in life is to have my Aspergers recognised and all these incorrect diagnoses corrected. 






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