Mayo Nays
by Candie M Weston

Mayo clinic in Rochester MN used to take me because their psych ward generose refuses me. They discriminate against me. All of mayo refuses me one of my mental health medications which is proven to reverse my traumatic brain injury. They refused me this medication and I had an. Episode where I never hit or harmed any staff..I simply smashed an electronic on the floor. The strapped me down to a bed for. Almost two days and did not give me any of my meds , no breaks from being strapped down, no food , and no fluids the whole almost two days. I called the ombudsman when I finally got free for only five. Minutes then was strapped back down to go for another day. When Lisa harrison- handler see MN ombudsman came she stated that mayo has powerful lawyers this is horrible abuse but there is nothing that will be done about it.