Maintenance ECT appeared to be my destiny!

I was taken to the hospital because I was experiencing a severe headache (Aura Migraine-not yet diagnosed).  My speech had become such the emergency team could not understand me.  I was also extremely sleepy.  They assumed I had overdosed.  When I awakened the following day I was fully aware that I was behind locked doors.  It was extremely difficult to obtain my freedom from that lock-up.

To make a long story short, I was experiencing the Migraines because of the psych medication that had been prescribed.  I am also hypoglycemic and have been since childhood.  It has only been within the last three years that I have been able to understand the hypoglycemic diagnosis.  The problem with sugar in very inconsistent and it isn't uncommon for me to go into a deep sleep when the problem occurs.  Just last Saturday night I fell into a very deep sleep over a 12 oz. can of Vernor's that I ingested along with a high protein meal, unusual but it happened.  Again my speech was affected and my friend told me on the phone, "if I didn't know better I would say you are heavily drugged" but this time there was no 911 call for assistance.

In my opinion once a person falls into the hands of a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist knows he/she must keep the individual in a state of semi-consciousness otherwise they would be sued to the max.  Had I been able to comprehend what the shocks did to me within the two years statute of limitations I would have taken legal action.  Of the many things I lost, the most devastating was losing my husband.  He did not want me shocked and expressed his displeasure but the doctors took my "drugged state of mind" signature as informed consent and did it anyway.  My husband died, so they say, of a myocardial infarction.  He had been stressed to the max, his hands were tied by the system and his heart simply could not take it.

Within the last three years and on my own I was able to obtain proof of what the sugars are doing.  I was told I did not have hypoglycemia, I was told I am not diabetic, so I purchased the monitor, strips and lancets and did my own investigation..  The points went anywhere from below 50 to about 200 and if I don't keep it within the 100 point range, give or take 10 points, my situation can become urgent in a matter of minutes.  I now carry my monitor and glucose tablets at all times.

I have said all that to say this, the hypoglycemia (diagnosed as a young teenager) was never ever considered to be the problem.  I didn't learn about the hypoglycemia related anxiety until within the last three years.  Only in that sense would I consider myself a victim of circumstance.  I was drugged out of my senses and unable to do the research until after the drug reduction began in 2007.  It has been a gradual awakening process from that time forward, and I am continuing to awaken to a greater understanding of the things that I experienced while in the hands of psychiatry.