Laurie Weist

Due to my having epilepsy (by head injury from an abusive parent) since I was of toddler age, it was ONLY after I had won nearly $7,000.00 from a radio game 12-23-1970 (two days' before that years' Christmas) that my fathers' drug using, alcoholic, adulterous, MSBP ((Munchausens Syndrome By Proxy) wife, who lost her nursing employment due to theft of controlled drugs, made a complaint to the courts that I was a difficult to raise child.

Within less than one month, the entire In Trust For savings account (required by law due to a Payee Representative for my disability income since 1956) had been withdrawn by drug using fathers jealous' wife. I question would I have been 'warehoused', (Mesa Vista in San Diego County & Patton State in San Bernadino) at my innocent age of sixteen, if there had been no deceptive intent by my fathers' criminal wife, enabled by the non-investigative legal system?.

I have not been under any psychiatric care since the legally enabled, forced upon experience more than three decades ago, The only medication I take is for my still present medical condition of epilepsy. In 1983, I was accused of being an unfit / abusive parent, and Alice made my childhood history and medical condition known to Child Protective Services. My child was returned to my custody, the matter dismissed by the courts . I was awarded FULL CUSTODY by the informed divorce courts.

In 1989, I was convicted of a financial crime that my fathers' wife conspired. My father had also been victim of his wife's' deceptive, extortive games. Not long after my fathers' death in 1997, Alice lured my child to reside with her, along with a non-materialized promise to purchase a vehicle. Alice made a claim/request to obtain custody of my seventeen year old child, and the judge was convinced by Alices' non-documented claim that I was an unfit parent. SSA denied me to appeal their decision to change Representative Payee. Financial extortion, enabled by the courts again.

Six months after the impaired judgment by SSA & the non-investigative, discriminatory courts, Alice went on a "Permanent Vacation' that was long overdue. My child was in custody of her deceptive grandmother for ten months.

My credit accounts now date carry a balance that twice exceeds my yearly disability income & otherwise would not be there, as I purchased the vehicle. The only child-hood happiness that I credit my influenced decisions of my complex past for & do have many memories of, is my being a "Daddy's' Little Girl". I was the youngest of three.

My history of 'warehousing' (that includes a fabricated 'diagnosis' made ONLY by CPS) had denied me employment status with the state of California 6-03-2002, regarding the babysitting of my grand-daughter. I do have the medical & court papers to verify this writing, and I still do have the bank book indicating that the monies were deceptively withdrawn by Alice, not long after my radio winning monies (12-23-1970) deposit was made.

The long-term & physically painful effects of many ECT's, and the damage done by forced medications is not anticipated to be compensated by the non-investigative state. IF I had cruel and unusual punishment dealt to me in a jail / prison, readily it would be investigated and I would be compensated for inhumane treatment (s), and the legally enabled child-age 'history' would NOT be remain on record. Forced psychiatric 'care' of one in a mental institution, shows not to qualify for an investigation by the discriminatory state.