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I am writing to you and other organizations which realize the dangers associated with psychiatric drugs, in hopes of receiving your aid and support.  Sadly, in April of 1996, while experiencing a violent reaction to the drug PROZAC I shot and killed my father.  There was no reason for the shooting.  I loved my father very much and I have no history of violence prior to taking PROZAC or since.


At the time there was insufficient evidence to prove my violence was caused by PROZAC.  Eli Lilly and Co., the manufacturers of PROZAC, even offered to assist the prosecution by supplying expert testimony by their own doctors.  Because of the insufficient evidence and to avoid the death penalty I plead guilty to third degree murder.  I received 22 to 60 years.  I was 18 at the time.


I am now 24 years old and have spent the last 4 years of my incarceration researching PROZAC.  I have found many studies and cases which prove that PROZAC & similar antidepressants (Zoloft, Luvox & Paxil) can cause violence in people.  I am now appealing my criminal case and in the process of bringing suit against ELI LILLY and CO.  I hope to force Eli Lilly to recognize their role in the death of my father.  A similar case was brought against SMITHKLINE PHARMACEUTICALS and their drug PAXIL in Wyoming (00-CV-25-Bea).  In that case it was proven that Paxil caused a man to kill his wife, daughter in law and granddaughter before

taking his own life.  This forced Paxil to acknowledge the risk of violence and suicide on their warning labels.


I currently have an attorney interested in representing me, however in order for him to do so he will need to travel from his office in Illinois to me in Pennsylvania to speak to me in person to go over my case in great detail.  In order for this meeting to take place I will need to cover his traveling expenses which are estimated at $1,000 to $1,500.  I only earn 19 cents an hour at my prison job so I have started a Legal Aid Fund to cover this cost.  I am asking for contributions, no amount is too small.


All funds can be sent directly to Attorney Michael T. Smith. There is an opportunity here to help me and my attorney to stop Eli Lilly & Co. from deceiving the public and to hold them accountable for the dangerous side-effects which they refuse to acknowledge.  I don't want another person to have to go through the pain I live with everyday knowing I took my father's life.  While there is no way I can get my father back, I can try to stop this tragedy from happening again. I pray you can find it in your heart to help this cause.  My case may help save lives.  All contributions can be sent to








Or you can contact him at: (847-895-0626). 


Thank you for your time and consideration and God Bless You. 





Kurt Danysh


P.S. If you know of any other organizations or people who may be interested in helping I would appreciate you sharing this information with them.

P.S. Posting my information on your website would be very helpful.