Fried Brains

Good Afternoon, After talking with the director of Mind Freedom this morning I became aware of Zapback. so I pulled my self out of bed for the second time today to locate others who have had their brains fried. My name is B_____ W_____.  I am 44 years old, married, living in southeastern Washington. The hellish touchier of Electroshock started in my life back in 2001, and continued until May of 2005. I received approximately 70 brain damaging treatments at Yakima Memorial Hospital in Yakima,WA. It has been 9 mo. since my last zap and I am haunted daily with both short term and long term memory loss. I experience nightmares around 5 times per week all relating to Electroshock. Life is a daily challenge for me, but I think I would like to get help, and get regulations put on this God lawful so call safe treatment instead becoming another statistic of suicide!