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Background on NY State forced outpatient psychiatric drugs

Today, many Americans are now court ordered to take psychiatric drugs against their will while living at home. Here is one of those stories by a MindFreedom member told in his own words.


Donald Chambers

February 2004 Hello. My name is Donald Chambers. A few years ago, I found myself in New York City, homeless and without a family to take me in. I stayed in homeless shelters and tried to fill out college applications in order to finish college. While in the shelters, I spent much of my time reading and writing, and this type of behavior is quite unusual among the majority of shelter occupants.

I caught the attention of the bullies. Now, my muscles are very small. I'm slender, and I can't fight. The bullies would track me down to unsupervised areas of the shelter, insult me, rob me, and beat me up. All I could do was scream, curse, and make threats. It was my only defense.

At times I was so frustrated with the shelters that I would check into a psychiatric ward under the pretense of being "suicidal" as an alternative to the homeless shelters. The psychiatrists promptly labeled me "insane," though me and my long-term friends believe that I am NOT insane. I was forcibly drugged with horrible, mind-altering drugs. These drugs induced deep depressions and put me in a zombie-like trance. My ability to think and talk were lessened substantially! They also made me sexually impotent!

Approximately two and a half years ago, Phillip Weis, a psychiatric social worker in New York's Bellevue Hospital had a psychiatrist take me to court to put me on an Assisted Outpatient Treatment order to have me forcibly drugged, even though I live peacefully in my own apartment. The psychiatrist's case in court was merely based on me having incurred a plurality of hospitalizations in a five-year period of time.

When the bullies in the shelters are not beating me up with their muscles, the psychiatrists are beating me up with their medications. Will somebody out there please help me?


Donald Chambers
17 W. 125th St; Apt. 2K
New York, NY 10027

Phone: 212-860-3163

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How New York State is creating a huge database of citizens at risk of forced outpatient psychiatric drugging.

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