California mother jailed
after three years as
a refugee in Canada

March 2, 2003 - She was a well-paid legal secretary living in Silicon Valley until Sunnyvale School District educators decided they wanted to put her 6-year-old son, Vincent, on Ritalin. When Diane Booth refused to medicate her son, they called CPS.

After months of trying to please the systemites while her very young son was imprisoned, abused, and drugged in Eastfield Ming Quong, a locked children's holding facility at one time used to force social services on California's Chinese immigrant children, Diane took matters into her own hands. In desperation and at her son's request she helped him escape and entered Canada with him on July 5, 2000. Doctors there diagnosed him with Tourette's Syndrome as a result of forced drugs at the CPS children's incarceration facility in Santa Clara County, California.

Only two months later the FBI apprehended them in British Columbia and tore Vincent from her side while he screamed for help that his mother wasn't allowed to give him. Now Diane is back in Santa Clara County, in jail and facing child endangerment and child stealing charges for trying to help her own son.

Your letters of support will be appreciated:

Diane Booth
BOOKING# 03007942
P.O. Box 360910
Elmwood Correctional Center for Women

Urgent - your help is needed...

2/28/2003 2:23:34 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you, seeking your assistance. As you know, I have long been engaged in raising public awareness about the dangers of psychiatric medications. Furthermore, it is critical that the public be informed that there are no valid medical tests that can prove any abnormality in a person who has been labeled with any number of psychiatric disorders, including "ADHD".

Through the very unfortunate circumstances of one mother and her child, a door has opened which will allow us to bring our message to the consciousness of the public in a way we had not imagined.

This message is lengthy, but it is of utmost importance. I encourage you to read it in it's entirety, and then take action.

Diane Booth is the mother of whom I speak. She waited a long time to have her first child. She was forty years old when her beautiful son, Vincent, arrived. Her marriage did not last, and she was left a single mother.

Vincent was experiencing some difficulty in school, and Diane was told that he might have ADHD. He was "tested", and the "diagnosis" was confirmed. Diane was told that he would need medication for his "problem". She felt that his inattentiveness could be handled without the use of such a strong drug, and refused. Shortly thereafter, a medical negligence claim was filed against her, and the local department of child and family services removed Vincent from her care and custody.

Think upon this for a moment, my friends... Can this really happen? You bet it can, and it is happening with increasing frequency.

Diane was able to locate Vincent and she "stole him back" and fled to Canada.

It did not take long for the authorities to catch up with her, and they took her beloved child from her again, leaving her as a refuge in a foreign land. She lived as a fugitive for some time; I had correspondence with her during part of this time, but I never knew her whereabouts. She was recently arrested on charges of "parental abduction" and is now in a California jail, awaiting trial... and her fate.

I have agreed to set up her legal defense fund through our new non-profit- ASPIRE. I will be securing a depository account to receive funds hopefully tomorrow, but by Monday at the latest.

Please open your hearts and your pocketbooks to help Diane gain her freedom, and be reunited with her son.

I am providing you with the address where you can send your contributions. Please be sure and include your full name, return address and email address for our records. I do not know whether your contribution will be tax deductible or not, but I will let you know as soon as possible. I will also send periodic updates to all who contribute. I am also including for you a statement by Dr Fred A. Baughman, MD who has agreed to testify for and on her behalf. He is offering his expert witness and services to her free of charge.

We are also looking for a criminal defense attorney, preferably residing in or near where Diane is being held, in Milpitas, CA. If any of you are attorneys, or if you know of an attorney who might be willing to come to her defense, please forward this to them, and CC back to me at my other email address:

I am also including a copy of the letter I am sending to her tomorrow. I encourage each of you to write to her; it matters not if you know her personally or not. I know her, and she is a good mother, a beautiful person. It will do wonders for her to receive your letters of encouragement and support.

I also encourage you to forward this message, in it's entirety to everyone you know.

With love to all,
Dawn (The Avenging Angel)

Letter from Dawn Rider

February 27, 2003

Diane Booth
Correctional Center for Women
PO Box 360910
Milpitas, CA 95036-0910

Dear Diane,

I hope my letter finds you in good spirits. I understand you have been allowed to see your son, and that he appears to be fine. Thank God for His infinite mercy. Know that He is aware of your situation. Many are.

Diane, we are doing all we can to raise awareness. Even now we are exploring the best ways to raise funds for your legal defense. Charlie Wittman has asked that I manage the fund. I spoke with him by telephone this evening. And, dear Dr. Baughman - such a good soul. He will be your expert witness, and there is no better to address this particular problem, as you well know.

This is our plan: You know that I have an extensive network, and many of my friends have their own networks. I am going to post a message that summarizes what has taken place. I will ask for contributions to be sent in C/O of the non-profit we have set up. I will also post your address for any who may wish to send you letters of support and encouragement. And, I will ask for their prayers.

I see that the media is still coddling to the powers that be. An article in the SJ Mercury on February 1st provided only an outline of the evidence, missing the vital points that would have enraged the public, if only they had been provided even a sampling of the truth of what has happened.

Are you being treated well? What is the routine of your day like? Are you allowed to read? Can you write back? What kind of things are we allowed to send to you? Do you need a Bible?

I still have much to do, and it is already into the early morning hours. I leave you with a prayer:

Father, I ask thee to bless my friend who is reading this right now.

I ask thee to minister to her spirit at this very moment.

Where there is pain, give her thy peace and mercy.

Where there is self doubting, release a renewed confidence in thy ability to work through her.

Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I ask thee to give her understanding, patience, and strength as she learns submission to thy leading.

Where there is spiritual stagnation, I ask thee to renew her by revealing thy nearness, and by drawing her into greater intimacy with thee.

Where there is fear, reveal thy love, and release to her thy courage. Where there is a sin, reveal it, and break its hold.

Bless her finances, give her greater vision, and raise up leaders, and friends to support, and encourage her.

Give her discernment to recognize the evil forces around her, and reveal to her the power she has in thee to defeat it.

I ask thee to do these things for my friend and I ask you to bless and protect America, in the name of they blessed and beloved Son and my savior, Jesus Christ.

In love,

Your friend The Avenging Angel

Address where contributions can be sent. Please write clearly on your check:

Diane Booth Legal Defense Fund
C/O: A.S.P.I.R.E
222 West Center Street
P.O. Box 1932
Orem, UT 84059-1932

For those who may prefer to do a wire transfer, let me know and I will forward routing information as soon as I have received it from the bank.

Declaration of
Fred A. Baughman, Jr. M.D.

Dr. Baughman's website: ADHD Fraud


Prepared February 25, 2003
at 1303 Hidden Mountain Dr., El Cajon, CA, 92019

I declare that all of my statements herein, including in all of the documents I have appended, are true and correct, under penalty of perjury. Further, I am prepared to testify to the truth and correctness thereof, at trial.

Whether or not Diane Booth acted contrary to the best interests of her son, Vincent (BD 6/19/93), so as to justify, the court's having removed him from her custody and whether or not she was justified in fleeing from Santa Clara County, California to Canada with him, resulting in her being criminally charged, depends entirely upon whether or not the claims made by state and county agents and agencies, that he had a disease-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were valid and correct or were not. Vincent's mother, Diane Booth, believed then and now that ADHD was not a valid disease and that her son was normal, needed no medical treatment, and that he only stood to be injured in the event such a "diagnosis" were to be applied with the resulting treatments that were being urged by personnel of his school, board of education, and agents and agencies (physicians included) of the county and state.

In medicine it is rare indeed that judges/courts must be called upon by medical professionals to enforce medical treatment, over the wishes of parents or guardians, thought to be necessary to save a life or prevent great medical/physical harm because the existing parents/guardians are refusing to do so. In 33 years as a neurologist/child neurologist, I never had occasion to ask a judge/court to intervene taking parental rights from natural or adoptive parents to prevent medical harm from occurring to a minor, as in this case. Further, I dealt primarily with real, organic diseases of the brain and nervous system. I would also point out that substantial numbers of patients in my practice turned out to have no organic disease, but sychological/mental/psychiatric problems and I provided care for substantial numbers of them both independently and in collaboration with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals and I never had occasion to ask a court to remove parental or other decision-making from existing parents, family members or executors because I thought their health was, otherwise, in jeopardy.

We have all heard of cases where members of certain religions will not allow needed blood transfusions for necessary, life-saving surgery. Most have also heard of persons of such beliefs not allowing life-saving antibiotics in the face of potentially lethal infections, or of disallowing insulin for religious reasons for their son or daughter with "brittle" life-threatening diabetes mellitus. These are real medical and judicial dilemmas dealing with real life-and-death medical situations and diseases, that justly call for judicial deliberation, moderation or intervention.

In this case, however, Vincent was said to have ADHD which was and is represented by public school personnel and agents and agencies of the county to be a disease, needing treatment, when, in fact, it is not a disease/abnormality at all. Vincent, prior to "treatment" with multiple psychiatric drugs was, instead, medically/biologically normal.Once such brain-, body-altering drugs are begun, he was, for the first time, no longer medically/biologically, normal.

On 2/5/03 I submitted a "Suspected Child Abuse Report" to the Child Protective Service, 373 W. Julian St. San Jose, CA 95110 with which my two letters to Judge L.P. Edwards, comprise the substance of my written complaint. Those letters were dated 12/10/02 and 2/5/03. Just as I got no answer to the first of these letters, I have gotten no answer to the second letter or to the child abuse report. Further, this morning (2/5/03) I called and spoke with Social Worker, Angela Sanchez, who denied any knowledge of the report I filed; a report which was addressed to her. I now make this report and these two letters, part of my declaration. These letters and other attachments, also part of this declaration, make clear that ADHD is not only not a medical emergency, but that it is not an abnormality/disease at all, within Vincent or within any individual.

As the main invited speaker at the November 16-18, 1998, NIH, Consensus Conference on ADHD, on the subject: "Is ADHD a Valid Disorder?" Professor William B. Carey concluded:

"...common assumptions about ADHD include that it is clearly distinguishable from normal behavior, constitutes a neurodevelopmentaldisability, is relatively uninfluenced by the environment... All of these assumptions...must be challenged because of the weakness of empirical (research) support and the strength of contrary evidence...What is now most often described as ADHD in the United States appears to be a set of normal behavioral variations... This discrepancy leaves the validity of the construct in doubt..."

Appropriately, the final statement of the Consensus Conference Panel, 11/18/98 read (p.3, lines 10-13):

"...we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction."

Here we were, in the Fall of 1998 with the "epidemic" at 4-5 million, and "ADHD.appears to be a set of normal variations," and "there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction. Nor has the state of the science changed to this day despite claims from the psycho-pharm, ADHD marketplace.

Not an abnormality/disease within the individual, there can be no indicated, necessary, logical, appropriate, or scientifically-based, medical treatment, much less medical treatment, which if not allowed by a parent or legal guardian, can be deemed negligence of a parent or guardian to be over-ridden by a court. To do this in the case of ADHD or any psychiatric condition, fraudulently called an actual/disease abnormality, is to require junk science and an assault upon the child/subject, who, having no other diagnoses, is NORMAL!

Sitting next to David Fassler, MD of the American Psychiatric Association, 9/29/00, I testified to the US Congress that any physician calling ADHD or any psychiatric condition a "disease" is committing a fraud. Neither Dr. Fassler or anyone else testifying, disputed my statement. However, organized psychiatry continues, nonetheless, fraudulently, lying to the people of the United States, having them believe psychiatric conditions/diagnoses are diseases/abnormalities/ "chemical imbalances" needing pills/ "chemical balancers", and it is they, the leadership of US psychiatry and mental health who would have courts, such as that of Judge Edwards, hold that not only are they "diseases" but that they are diseases that it is parental negligence/malfeasance not to "treat". ADHD and "biological" psychiatry (psychiatric "diseases") numerically, is the greatest health care fraud in the history of the US, a fact the government-in bed with psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry chooses not to acknowledge.

Just as the Consensus Conference could find no disease, much less a diagnosable one, November 18, 1998, F. Xavier Castellanos, the most recent ADHD expert to weigh in, confessed, 10/9/02 [JAMA.2002;288:740-748]: "Finally, despite the importance of these finding, anatomic MRI studies remain appropriate only for research, as they cannot yet contribute to the diagnostic assessment of ADHD."

While weaving illusions of brain diseases with which they nurture the incredible "epidemic," (ADHD now at 6-7 million US-wide) what Castellanos, gingerly confesses here, is that there is no physical evidence; no objective means, by which to diagnose ADHD. This means that no child labeled ADHD, Vincent Booth, included, has been shown to be other than NORMAL.

These being the facts of the matter, Vincent Booth, did not, at the time of "diagnosis" have any actual disease/abnormality needing treatment to make it normal or more nearly normal.

These being the facts, Diane Booth did only what was appropriate and in the best interests of her child to protect him from unnecessary, invalid, diagnosis and treatment-diagnosis and treatment that could only harm him, and that did only cause him untold, inestimable, psychological and physical/medical harm.


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