I Made a Horrible Mistake by Committing My Sister.
Her Life is Still Hell Eight Years Later.
Can anyone help?

By Cathy Marston dryoga67@yahoo.com

My sister, Bonnie Marston, has been sucked
into the Texas mental health and criminal
justice systems for the past eight years... all
because I had her wrongfully committed while
she was in graduate school at the University
of Texas (UT) in 1995.

Bonnie had graduated summa cum laude
undergraduate and has auditioned for the
Metropolitan Opera. This wrongful commitment
led to her being arrested for criminal
trespass by people at UT who saw her as
"crazy." And to UT demanding she get a
letter from a psychiatrist to prove her
sanity-- but when she did, they said she had
forged it and refused to let her back in.

This pattern has been repeated over and over
again the past eight years. She tries to start
her life anew somewhere, is wrongfully
charged and kicked into the criminal
"justice" system and then into the "mental
health" system which wrongfully diagnoses
her, poisons her, and locks her up for
awhile -- otherwise also wrongfully violating
her civil rights. She has been gagged,
strapped to a medication chair overnight,
and fought off an attempted rape by a
hospital staff member.

This happened at her undergraduate
institution, now Texas State University
(formerly SW Texas State). She graduated
summa cum laude as an undergraduate and
returned to get a master's when UT would not
let her back in. Her former head choir
director had heard the UT gossip, convinced
others she was crazy, had her wrongfully
arrested for trespassing while she was a
legally registered student. Then he
convinced the Student Government to expel
her, because she was "crazy." She had a row
of F's on her summa cum laude transcript and
cannot return to that campus!

Most recently, she was wrongfully charged in
Nov. 2001 with assaulting my mom with a
weapon and assaulting Schertz (TX) officers.
Not only did she not do any of these things,
the police beat the hell out of her and she
was stripped in the county jail and faced
numerous other injustices. She held without
cause and indictment, my parents were
coerced into making false statements and she
got a court appointed attorney who said that
he didn't want to hear her side, he just
wanted her declared incompetent.

Bonnie went through two years in state
mental health facilities, suffered lithium
poisoning and severe weight gain from
medication, as well as abuse from the staff
and one client. She is out and currently
under an unjust eight-year probation for crimes
she did not commit.

She cannot get a job worthy of her education
because of her record. Her record has been
altered to read all assaults, instead of
just the criminal trespasses. Her
psychiatrist is saying she shouldn't teach,
which is what she's trained to do. The
mental health staff harasses her and then
calls her probation officer to report her.
This brilliant, educated and talented woman
is working scrubbing floors at a pizza
restaurant and refereeing sports. She will
NEVER be able to support herself at this.

Please contact me or Bonnie below to help us
network and find a way to get the money,
lawyers, and other support we need for her


Cathy Marston
e-mail: dryoga67@yahoo.com
ph: 319-338-2108

Bonnie Marston
e-mail: BonnieMarston64@hotmail.com
ph: 210-658-7939