Dear Sir/Madam:

I live in Canada. I was tortured\subjected to cruel and unusual treatments and punishment at mental hospital for a year.
I wasn't given sanitary napkins and pain killers at each period. My bathroom door was locked all day for a year. So, I had to urinate in my pants. They would not give me a change of clothes or clean my mattress. They put me in isolation. They beat me up so badly if I tried to get a cup of water or use the telephone: I had bruises on my arms and legs. They would not give me my money or let me use the telephone. I was sodomized. I was treated against my will. I was given 20 chemical (and some mechanical) restraints for doing absolutely nothing wrong. they would just come into my room and inject. they charted I was out of control. The list goes on. The police refused to lay charges or investigate.

All the nurses were involved. There wasn't a kind nurse among them.  For one year I was never allowed to brush my teeth. They cut my long hair short. The nurses refused to close the doors to the bathroom. So I was seen naked in the bath tub by male RN's numerous times. They would not let me vote in government elections. They never asked a doctor to see me when I was ill; instead they dragged me off the bed onto the floor to my bedroom door by my arms. When I got sick from the undercooked and freezing cold food they served me, they refused to clean up the vomit in my bedroom and change my bed. Rather, they made me clean up the dried vomit on the floor and change my sheets when I got better two weeks later. They never gave me enough to drink. My food was taken away from me. I was lucky to get 600 calories a day. After I was violently assaulted, I was in a lot of pain on many occasions for weeks because they would not chart it and treat me. And for one year they took away my glasses so I was unable see much.

Yours Faithfully