Mental Health Disability Law Seminar
September 10 & 11, 2003
Captain Cook Hotel

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This program has been approved by the Alaska Bar Association for 13 credit hours of general Continuing Legal Education and an optional 1 hour of Ethics.




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Michael L. Perlin is Professor of Law at New York Law School, an adjunct Professor of Law at Seton Hall University Law School, and an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Law at the University of Rochester Medical Center and the New York College of Medicine.He also serves on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health.His three-volume treatise, Mental Disability Law: Civil and Criminal, won the 1990 Walter Jeffords Writing Prize; and has since been expanded into a five-volume second edition. His book, The Jurisprudence of the Insanity Defense, won the Manfred Guttmacher Award of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law as the best book of the year in law and forensic psychiatry in 1994-95.Another book, The Hidden Prejudice: Mental Disability on Trial, was published in 2000 as part of the American Psychological Association Pressís Law, Society and Psychology series, and received the Otto Walter Writing Prize.

Robert Whitaker has been reporting on science and medicine for nearly 15 years.He first worked as a science-medical writer at the Albany Times Union, in Albany New York.Later, he was Director of Publications at Harvard Medical School, and in 1994, he co-founded a company called Center-Watch, which covered the business aspects of the clinical testing of new drugs.His articles on the mentally ill and the drug industry have won several awards, including the George Polk Award for medical writing, and the National Association of Science Writer's Award for best magazine article.A series he co-wrote for the Boston Globe on psychiatric research was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1998.Since "Mad in America," was released Mr. Whitaker has been writing books full time.

Seminar Agenda

September 10, 2003

Nationally recognized expert on Mental Disability Law, Professor Michael Perlin of New York Law School and Robert Whitaker, award-winning author of "Mad in America," a social and medical history of our society's treatment of the severely mentally ill, will be presenting this seminar on Mental Health Disability Law September 10-11 in Anchorage.

9-10:30: ††††††††† Separating Fact From Fiction: What 50 Years of Research Really Shows About the Long-Term Efficacy of Neuroleptics.--Robert Whitaker

10:30-10:45:†††† Break

10:45-12:00: ††† Sanism and pretextuality-- Michael L. Perlin

12:00-1: ††††††††† Lunch

1-2:15: ††††††††††† Involuntary civil commitment, and mental health courts-- Michael L. Perlin

2:15-3: ††††††††††† Right to treatment, the right to sexual interactionandother institutional rights-- Michael L. Perlin

3:15-3:30 ††††††† Break

3:30- 4:45 †††††† Right to refuse treatment (civil)-- Michael L. Perlin

September 11, 2003

9-10: †††††††††††††† Deinstitutionalization, Olmstead, and the ADA-- Michael L. Perlin

10-11 ††††††††††††† Incompetency to stand trial-- Michael L. Perlin

11-11:15: ††††††† Break

11:15- 12:15 ††† Other criminal incompetencies (waiver of counsel, guilty pleas and pre- and post-trial competencies)-- Michael L. Perlin

12:15-1:15: ††††† Lunch

1:15-2:30 ††††††† Right to refuse treatment (criminal)-- Michael L. Perlin

2:30-3:30: †††††† Other criminal trial process issues related to mental disability(confessions, privilege against self-incrimination)-- Michael L. Perlin

3:30-4:30:††††††† Summarize two days-- Michael L. Perlin

5:00-6:00: †††††† Ethical Issues in Mental Health Law-- Michael L. Perlin (Optional separate or extra 1 hour)

Who Should Attend

This program should be of great use to attorneys, judges and mental health workers who deal with people diagnosed with serious mental illness in the courts.This includes criminal proceedings, mental health court, civil commitment and forced medication proceedings, guardianships and the like.This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the nationally recognized faculty coming to Anchorage to present this program

Special Pricing

  •  The single person price for the entire seminar, including the optional one hour on ethics is $175.

  • An early registration discount of $25 will be given to those who register by August 15th.

  • In addition, up to five organizations can send up to ten people each for just $995.

  • For attorneys who just want to take the optional one hour†† presentation on Ethical Issues in Mental Health Law, subject to space availability, the price is $75.

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Seating is limited so sign up early to ensure your spot!

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