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  • Finally, physicians are speaking up about misuse and over-prescribed psych meds. This is far overdue. "Mood disorders" are the latest fad in psychiatry and I'm convinced they are nothing more than a cash cow for the drug companies who then get docs to prescribe meds to "fix" sadness. Sometimes life sucks and makes you sad. That doesn't mean you are bipolar or need Xanax or some other mood altering or is it mood deadening drug.

      • Its important of course to replicate a Finnish study in USA - finland is a homogenous nation with strong medical care system, "socialized & civilized". US is very diverse and large with a medical care system in tatters, with a history of turning schizophrenics out to the street with no support. Shrinks are pestered daily by armies of pharma reps doling out "financial incentives", and insurance companies prefer to deal with meds than doctor care.

        I think its fairly obvious to all that the answer lies in psychiatrists using judiciously the meds, but in combination with a strong therapy and day to day support program. As in, spend an hour w that patient, not 5 - 10 minutes. Have a team approach with psychologists & social workers .

        When oh when will USA just throw in the towel and go single-payer! Along with, as in Scandinavia, limits on doctors fees and no legal bribes from drug co´s.

          • Psychiatry is an absolute joke in the U.S. Its the distant stepchild of modern medicine and its providers are nothing more than shills for Big Pharma. The majority of individuals receiving "therapy" pay completely out of pocket since most insurers don't even recognize it as a medical specialty. Could you imagine cancer and cardiac care receiving the same amount of respect by the big insurers? Americans would be up in arms.

              • You absolutely correct !! Also, don't overlook hidden, cardio vascular disorders, atypical thyroid, disease, hidden diabetes, and subclinical bacterial infections.

                  • This is one of the healthiest things I have seen in some time. Maybe that train wreck of an APA meeting last year woke them up. You have Allen Frances who was involved in the writings of DSM's III and IV writing about how the drug companies were trying to hijack the APA. NAMI had Whitaker speak too them NAMI was respectful to a hero of the surviviors movement now this, it's great.

                      • People are in crisis.