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  • Peggy Steward
    This story absolutely enraged me from the first moment I read it. To deny a mother the right to see her son for any reason (other than one where criminal charges were attached) should mortify any parent. In this PC world--if you have any emotional outburst at all , an agency can ‘sound bite’ it as 'violence' and use a legal system against you? If you should disagree with the Doctors and want a second opinion… they obviously consider it blasphemy and will punish you and the patient. Where are we living?

    To keep a patient against his will, which is verified by their claim of him trying "to escape" when he wanted to leave (again, sans criminal charges) would be called kidnapping by any other entity.

    Look, if his mother did something so horrific that a State Agency had to take Guardianship from the entire family (and all ...his friends), why aren’t there criminal charges against anyone? If this patient REALLY has the capacity to decide the hospital should keep him, why was he said to have attempted to escape? What are they protecting the patient from? It is clear they are protecting their Hospital and doctors, not the patient. Call. Write or Comment… and make sure you don’t go to a religious based hospital unless you believe the way they do.

    I know this comment is a bit rattled, but I feel so helpless for this patient and family. I am so glad this is being brought to the attention of the public and there are advocates who know the right steps to get the attention of the Courts. (Gottstein, Law Project for Psychiatric Rights).
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    • Dee Allenbrand · University of Alaska Anchorage
      FREE BRET BOHN! this could happen to anyone of us... If each caseworker has 80 cases just how much time do you think this person is giving Bret? Ask yourself that question.. NONE... there aren't enough hours in the day for the caseworker to check on Bret on a daily basis like his parents and friends can... "they rely on national medical decision-making standards and try to make decisions based on what their clients would want" they (caseworker) rely on someone else because I am sure they don't have time with 80 clients each... FREE BRET NOW....
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