Off Label Prescribing Media Coverage
Early November, 2003

The Charlotte Observer
Off Label Drugs Take Their Toll Pioneer Press
Samples Pave Way for RX’s ­ The Kansas City Star
Drugs Often Used for Unapproved Purposes ­ The Wichita Eagle
Off-Label Usage an RX for Profits ­ Tallahassee Democrat
Dangerous Sales ­ Aberdeen American News
FDA Off-Label Oversight Wanes

Detroit Free Press
Prescription for Trouble:  Drugmakers Pushing Risky Off-Label Uses on Physicians
Pitches Lucrative for Companies; Unsafe for Patients ­ Akron Beacon Journal
Off Label Drugs Soaring
Manufacturers Target Doctors by Handing Out Samples, Touting Studies ­ The Sun News
Drugs’ Marketing Pushes Doctors to Prescribe Unapproved Uses ­ Bradenton Herald
Risky Drug Uses ­ Centre Daily Times
Off-Label Prescribing:  Risky Medicine?
What the Salesman Pitches May be What Doctor Orders
FDA Backs Off Drug Makers ­ Oversight Never Tough; Now Power is Eroding
Health:  Fading FDA? ­ SouthCarolina’s Home Page
Off Label Drug Sales Soar

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