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The endocrine effects of the psychiatric drug Zyprexa are extremely dangerous, says Swedish Professor in Psychiatry

Speaking out about the harmful effects of the psychiatric drug Zyprexa, the Swedish Professor in Psychiatry, Rolf Adolfsson, said: “There is nothing worse than seeing a young person 17-18 years with a weight gain of 40-50 kg, and no one does anything! What is Swedish psychiatry doing?”
Hägersten, Sweden 9/12/2007 8:41 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The psychiatrist spoke out in Swedish national television, in a program covering the illegal marketing of Zyprexa and the harmful effects of the new so called atypical neuroleptics. Zyprexa is the 6th most sold drug in Sweden, all categories.


Despite the fact that nine States in the US are suing the manufacturer of Zyprexa, Eli Lilly, and despite the fact that almost 30.000 persons have been awarded 1.2 billion dollars due to the injuries caused by Zyprexa, there has been a complete silence about this affair in Sweden.


Until now.


The Professor, who according to the program has been investigating harmful effects of drugs for the last 7 years, further said: “I’ve seen so many complications, and I have met so many patients – that I completely choke. Are we so damned gullible, and it must be – there is only one thing – marketing.”


When the reporter takes up the endocrine effects of the new neuroleptics, Professor Adolfsson says that they are extremely dangerous. He says: “You die prematurely, 10-15 years.” And upon the surprised follow-up question from the reporter if he means that the pharmaceutical industry, with these new drugs, drives persons with schizophrenia to an early death, Dr. Adolfsson simply responds: “Absolutely!” He says: “Everybody knows that weight gain is completely catastrophic for all forms of illness ahead, even cancer.” And: “It is the central thing for the development of two things: One is vascular diseases and the other is diabetes.”


It is further revealed that the Professor has had a long relationship with Eli Lilly (10-15 years). He says: “And I have discussed very much with them that you have to be trustworthy – this I maybe said 5-6 years ago – they must come out and say: This is a very dangerous thing with our drug, because people are gaining weight. And you must do these and these tests, and if we have this increase in weight so quickly, then you must switch to another drug.”


But obviously Eli Lilly and Swedish psychiatry did not listen. At that time the Swedish Medical Journal was filled with ads for Zyprexa, with pictures of calm persons, and the key words for Zyprexa were: Strenghth, Carefulness, Simplicity. And still, in 2007, the marketing material for Zyprexa in Sweden contains these same words. In addition to that the patient leaflet, in its English version, contains false statements that the condition of the patient is comparable to diabetes and the usual suggestion, that Zyprexa gives a chemical balance in the brain. The known, serious harmful effects are still made to nothing, with the following wording: “People usually experience few or no side effects. Drowsiness or dizziness may occasionally occur, and some people may experience increased appetite, which can lead to weight increase.”


In the program Dr. Adolfsson raises the question: “Why doesn’t Swedish psychiatry react?”
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