The Trust Small Project Grant Application

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 Required before final submit   
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    Project Description / Outcomes

Brief Description of Project 
2-3 sentance description of the project. What are you going to do and how? (In this, and the sections below, you may cut and paste) 


Why is this Project Needed? 
Please explain the need for this project 


Direct / Indirect Benefits 
Please identify direct and indirect benefits to Trust beneficiaries and across-beneficiary groups 


Number of Beneficiaries to be Served 
Please detail how many Trust beneficiaries will benefit from this project 


Organization Qualifications 
Please detail the qualifications of your organization to carry out this project 


Expected Outcomes 
What are you going to accomplish? The proposed deliverables detailed here will be used by Trust staff to evaluate the project 


Exit Strategy 
Please select the appropriate exit strategy. 


Exit Strategy Narrative 
If the exit strategy is not project completion, please detail the proposed exit strategy. 


Is this request designed to replace existing funds? If so, please explain how you will continue this project after Trust funds are spent. Remember Trust small project grants are one-time funding only.